Bruno Munari, Futurista   All text >>>>

By Miroslava Hajek


The Difference between Art, Craft and Design, and the Use of the Creative Method >> The Concept of Art Developed in Space >> Paradox and a Taste for the Absurd >> Writing and Visual Communication >> Using Humble Materials to Discover new Sensory Dimensions >> Anthropomorphism and Zoomorphism of the Machine >> Involvement of the Spectator >> Connections with the European Avant-Gardes >> From the Projection of Shadows to Direct Projections >> Painting with Light >> The Colors of Light >>


OPERE DAL 1930 AL 1940




OPERE DAL 1940 AL 1950


Le immagini sono di proprietà di Miroslava Hàjek e Giampiero Bianchi è vietata la riproduzione .